Me And Medication

What IS it with me and medication lately?  I went to Walgreens this afternoon to purchase some Wal-Zyr (Walgreens’ version of Zyrtec).  My doctor told me that medication would be fine to take with my other meds.

As I was checking out, the cashier told me she hoped I was feeling better soon and then started to compare symptoms with me.  We both talked about our coughs and noses and super itchy eyes.  This is a bad time of the year.  I told her that was why I was getting the Wal-Zyr, because I am almost out at home.

And then it hit me.  I have medication from my eye doctor for my eyes when they get super itchy in the allergy season.  You know what?  I bet medication works better when you actually use it?  Oy

So, tomorrow, my eyes might just feel better because they will be on day two of my allergy eye medication once again.

I need to start acting like Ray Rayner and put reminder notes on my clothes.

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