Thank You, All!

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, a day we supervisors generally take our administrative professionals out for lunch.  Today, we sent them all emails, told them how much we appreciate them, and then gave them a meal-IOU.   I know that we all look forward to going out together.

Our administrative professionals are working very hard remotely.  When we get a chance to get together again, we are going to go out for a well-deserved lunch that will surpass any we have done before!  We all miss each other very much.

Today, we are hearing that school might not even begin in our school buildings in August.  We might have to continue eLearning at home into the fall.  Nothing is set in stone yet.  All we know/fear is that this virus is going to keep the country down a lot longer than we had first thought.

Pray for all those who are faced with the ramification of the virus every day:  medical personnel, grocery store employees, food service workers, emergency personnel such as firefighters, EMTs, and police, and a whole host of other “essential” professions that need to work each day and be exposed to the general public.

Thank you to our Administrative Professionals for doing all that you do for our parish and our parish school!

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  1. Can we add one more “Thank You”? I, too, would like to thank all those who make our parish run… including YOU! Thank You!!

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