Stay At Home

Looks like I will be doing a LOT of staying at home this year.  Spain is announcing that it will restrict large tourism events in the country through the end of 2020.  That means that our transatlantic from Barcelona on November 1st likely will be cancelled.  We would have had a couple of port stops in Spain as well.

Italy is looking pretty much the same.  They will be opening quite slowly through the remainder of the year.  I cannot blame them.  The death rates in both of those countries have been very high.

I also am hearing that Disney might not open its parks until the beginning of 2021.  I’m beginning to wonder if my annual early-January vacation to Disney is going to be a bust.

“Stay at home” is taking on a whole new meaning to me lately.  I need something hopeful in my future.

One Reply to “Stay At Home”

  1. This human life is not easy! I’m told that it isn’t what God sends us, it’s what we do with it that matters. I’m not a good example of how to handle everything, and what makes its worse… I know how I’m supposed to handle things. So I know only too well how you must be feeling, Father… and I must admit that I concur! God Bless!

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