Sacramental Life

It’s always so nice to be able to celebrate the sacraments for my parishioners.  After all, that is why I really wanted to be a priest.  There are many administrative things that priests do that can be done by lots of people.  However, when it comes to bringing the sacraments to our parishioners, that is the grace of Holy Orders and I feel so privileged to be able to do so.

Our children this morning were very excited to be in church to celebrate their First Communion.  Come to the Table of the Lord often in your lives, students, and receive the nourishment that your souls need.

Congratulations to our First Communicants.

Sofia Alonzo
Elijah Anderson
Cecilia Andriessen
Alison Banach
Raena Bock
Maxwell Britt
Adeleine Burrows
Alanna Caldwell
Marysol Carranza
Jacob Castellano
Saniya Cody
Mikahela Contreras-Lopez
Ruby Correa
Nina Correa
Julie Day
Quinlan Deenihan
Avery DeLar
Jacob Delgado
Charles Delgado
Kate Del Real
Oskar Diaz
Sarah Estrada
Enzo Farinas
Evan Forburger
Olivia Forburger
Annabel Garcia
Gabrielle Gelbolingo
Mason Gonzales
Henry Hafertepe
Noah Haro
Leah Herman
Nelson Hernandez
William Hernandez
Marian Hughes
Zoey Irizarry
Aidan Iverson
Julia Jannotta
Graysen Kauzlarich
Gianna Knight
James Krembs
Ingrid Lehnerer
Julia Lenaburg
Avery Mach
Joemily Marin
Joseph Martinez
Anastasia Maslowski
Victoria Maslowski
Roberto Medina
Diana Monroy
Evelyn Monroy
Isaac Nelson
Lilliana Ngchee
Genevieve Nygaard
Julian Ocasio
Anthony Ormes
Maxson Ortiz
Emma Pantoja
Lucianna Parsley
Noah Perkins
Isaiah Postulka
Evelyn Powers
Thomas Redden
Jaxon Roberts
Madelyn Rozic
Mishka Sanchez
Janessa Sanchez
Carmella Scheiber
Brooke Smith
Eliana Smola
Jose Vasquez

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